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People love their pets, but in a manner they couldn’t possibly do with humans. That’s the key insight used in this TV & Cinema campaign for BC SPCA pet adoption.

The ads were different for the category and stood out getting international recognition and running in places way beyond their region, which was great for the animals.

In addition to winning Cannes Gold Lions, One Show Gold Pencils and Communication arts awards the ads were featured on The world’s funniest commercials and named UK-based Campaign’s Top 10 International Commercials.

AGENCY: DDB Vancouver


Vancouver, BC has one of the highest rates of car theft in North America. This campaign talked directly to car thieves on behalf of the Vancouver Police using advertising as a crime prevention tool. If a Bait car was stolen the Police could remotely shut off the engine and catch the thieves red handed. The campaign got the word out and car thefts decreased while awards for the creative team increased. Win, win.

PRINT & POSTERS Ran in bus shelters, SkyTrain stations and washrooms in dodgy pubs and hangouts.

AGENCY: DDB Vancouver


To help the CMHA BC division promote Mental Illness Awareness Week we created an eye-catching invention. The “CloudCopter” – a drone disguised as a dark cloud – intended to raise awareness of depression and anxiety, particularly in young people.

The stunt was filmed and edited into various lengths of content to run on social channels.

It’s estimated that 1.2 million children and youth in Canada are affected by mental illness. However, fewer than one in five will receive the help they need, partly because depression and anxiety can be difficult to recognize, particularly in the teen years.

Vancouverites out for a morning walk may have seen an unusual sight: a dark cloud hovering directly over the head of a young person walking through the park, tracking their movements and following them wherever they went.“

“Many people describe their depression as a dark cloud,” says BC CMHA CEO, Bev Gutray. “We wanted to use a visual that people could understand and get the word out that help is available.”

AGENCY: Rethink Vancouver


Because the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has been such a successful fundraiser over the years, the greater public didn’t see them as a priority for donations. This made it difficult for them to achieve their goal of building a new state-of-the-art facility.

Our solution was to put the real faces to the ask creating an emotional reminder that financial help is still very much needed. The campaign in addition to subsequent campaigns helped BC Children’s meet their fundraising goals and they opened a new acute care centre in 2017.

AGENCY: TBWA Vancouver