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The Align pant gives women a revolutionary feeling of “wearing nothing” allowing them to feel total unrestricted freedom in their yoga practice.

There’s a natural and intriguing tension between the amount of technology, scientific and emotional data, and meticulous detail that went into creating the feeling of...nothing. We played off this tension in our creative executions to arouse curiosity and present the Align Pants' revolutionary feel.

ORGANIC & PAID SOCIAL, DISPLAY ADS Still and short video lead with minimal backgrounds paired with thought-provoking and intriguing headlines about what went into creating the feeling of "nothing"  that reveal a woman practicing yoga in the Align Pant.

30 SEC VIDEO We show all the innovation that has gone into creating the feeling of nothing in the Align pant.

LANDING PAGE Provided details on how Lululemon created the feeling of nothing with the innovation around Nulu fabric.

AGENCY: Lululemon In-house


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To celebrate Lululemon’s 20th birthday we refreshed and brought to life the brand’s iconic manifesto, a grid of sentiments, thoughts and beliefs that has been printed on reusable shopping bags since 1998.

In addition to permanently updating the bags with the new design, we created various content inspired by the manifesto lines from motion graphics, to storytelling videos to on the street murals.

VIDEO SERIES A series of animated shorts featuring real stories inspired by lines in the manifesto told by members of Lululemon’s global collective. Designed for Lululemon’s website and social media channels.

MOTION GRAPHICS Each line in the manifesto was animated to live within the full grid and on its own. Designed for social media channels and in-store displays.

LANDING PAGE Celebrated the collective behind the animated shorts and a limited edition 20Y manifesto print capsule collection.

MURALS Lululemon stores commissioned murals in their neighbourhoods inspired by lines from the manifesto. Time lapse videos of the mural’s creation appeared in social media.

AGENCY: Lululemon In-house