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In 2001 Five Alive wanted to switch its target from Moms to young adults as sales stagnated with new competition in the market. These two original TV spots increased volume 37% in a beverage category where all other competitors were down and won a Cassie that year. The campaign continued for five years and won a Cassie for most successful sustained campaign. Over 5 years it had a total of 98% volume growth worth an additional $40 million in revenue per year. The random, 5 second vignettes of live action and animation were created pre social media but would fit today’s bite sized digital media landscape perfectly.

AGENCY: Leo Burnett Toronto


BC based, Wild Horse Canyon wine wanted to launch in Ontario and speak to young, adventurous people. We created a campaign playing off the iconic pictogram of the horse on the label consisting of 30 different executions using various pictograms carefully targeting different audiences. For example, a tattoo execution running in the hipster-chic Queen West area of Toronto, while another targets the LGBQ community and a third travellers at the airport. Sales dramatically increased across all product skews and awareness of the brand grew.


AGENCY: Taxi Vancouver